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Six Travel Resolutions to Consider

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The time between Christmas and New Year's Day is remarkable. This precious time wraps us up in all that was good about the past year and propels us to the promises of a new year. It is a time to think and dream, a season filled with hope for the future.

It is during this time that we begin thinking about their New Year's resolutions. For travel lovers, the possibilities are endless! Here is a list of travel resolutions to enrich 2022. Choose one or choose them all. Either way, they're guaranteed to satisfy your wanderlust this year.

1. Use all of your vacation days. According to a study by Glassdoor, Americans only use 54% of their vacation time. This year use all of your time to go on an adventure or spend time making memories with your family.

2. Learn another language or at least a few significant words. International travel can enrich our lives and vocabulary. Have every talking member of your family learn five foreign words for each country to which you travel. Hello, good-bye, please, thank you, or even a phrase like "Have a great day!" will bring a smile to the face of locals in your destination.

3. Create a travel fund. Many people have big travel plans but believe the lie that it's too expensive. Save for the trip of a lifetime by putting a small amount away each month. Before you know it, that bucket list destination will be a reality.

4. Participate in experiences. Every destination is a treasure box just waiting to be opened. Instead of checking off sights, sign up for experiences to truly immerse yourself in the location. When you look back on your trip, you may not remember the name of every museum you visited. You are sure to remember when you flew in a helicopter to the top of a glacier where you got on a sled with a team of huskies to explore the beauty of Alaska. Now that's something to remember!

5. Buy local souvenirs. Every country has local artisans who are keeping the history and tradition of their ancestors alive. Instead of a fridge magnet or t-shirt, opt for the handwoven basket or rug, painting, or even ceramic item. These one-of-a-kind souvenirs made from the heart will always have a cherished spot in your home.

6. Travel for yourself and the others with you. To really connect with nature, a new location, or new culture, you will need to disconnect from social media. We are not suggesting to stop capturing the memories, but don't be so busy capturing them for Social Media that you miss out on the bliss of the moment. There is a pleasure in creating memories in a different light.

Whatever your resolutions are this year, we wish you well. We wish you safe and happy travels. And we can't wait to see you under a Canopy of Stars!


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