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Tips for Traveling with Children this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Over 50 Million American will be traveling this Thanksgiving Holiday. While traveling can be fun, it has the potential to become stressful when traveling with our children.

Here are 4 tips and 1 video to help you successfully travel with children:

1. Explain the trip to them before you travel. Children become uncomfortable in new places if they don't know what to expect. Talk to them about the types of transportation they will be taking. If they are old enough to understand, consider showing them a map of where you will be going.

2. Skip shoes with laces! This will make it easier and quicker to put them back on.

3. Pack a few surprises for your child. Think small things like a new book, favorite snack, or even a "lovie". Children love to unwrap things, and a new item is likely to hold their attention for a longer period of time.

4. Accept that everything will not go perfectly and choose to look for the joy in each situation. If you choose to look for joy, you will find it every time!

In addition to the tips I shared, watch this video to see how we got through trips and were never asked questions like "are we there yet?"


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