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What's your Cruise IQ?

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Are you ready to boost your Cruise IQ? Get ready to set sail on a sea of knowledge and fun. Give yourself a hearty point for each question you answer correctly. Easy at first, but brace yourself for the exciting challenges that await.

Anchors aweigh!

Five cruise ships of different sizes lined up at a port

Question Voyage:

  1. What is a closed-loop sailing?

  2. Are any dentists on board these ships?

  3. What's going on at the gangway?

  4. What is often missing on a cruise ship?

  5. Door decorations: mere flair or hidden messages?

  6. Who was the pioneer "godfather" ship christener?

  7. Which state waves through the most cruise passengers?

  8. Tune in: What's the melody of Disney Cruise Line horns?

  9. What is the "cow butt" cabin?

  10. Can you name the grandest, longest ship of all?

Scroll down for the answers.

An arial view of two cruise ships at a dock.

Answers Ahoy:

  1. A closed-loop sailing is like a round-trip adventure – it begins and ends at the same port. On such journeys, you can hop aboard with a government-issued birth certificate and photo ID, but ahoy, there's more to it! Check your cruise line's travel documents for all the nitty-gritty details.

  2. Dentists? Avast ye! Ships are sans dentists, but they're well-equipped with doctors and even morgues! Mysterious, isn't it?

  3. The gangway is the bridge that lets you step onto the ship from the port. No plank walking, matey – just smooth boarding!

  4. The 13th floor. Most cruise ships give superstition a nod by skipping the 13th floor. MSC doesn't have a 17th due to Italian superstitions – fascinating!

  5. Ahoy, deck your door to find your way! Door decorations not only mark your haven in the hallways but also celebrate special moments. But beware the upside-down pineapple – if you don't know, Google's your mate. And if you do, kudos, here's an extra point for you!

  6. Chart-topping rapper Pitbull made history as the first male "godfather," christening the Norwegian Escape in 2015.

  7. Chart a course to Florida, mateys! It's the leader, hosting a mighty 47% of cruisers in 2019. California's sailing second.

  8. All aboard Disney's magic! Each ship in their fleet – the Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy, and Wish – chime in with the opening notes of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from their horns.

  9. Ever heard of the "cow butt cabin"? Norwegian Cruise Line's Freedom Class boasts one above the Ben and Jerry's store. Cows face the promenade, leaving their tails towards the cabin. But worry not, occupants get perks galore, like free ice cream daily!

  10. Drumroll for the crown jewel – Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas! She's a colossal 1,188 feet long, 210 feet wide, and a mighty 236,857 gross tons. With a top speed of 22 knots, she can accommodate up to 6,988 guests and 2,300 crew members. Impressive, isn't it?

People istting on wooden lounge chairs being served coffee by a waiter.

And Your Cruise IQ Rating Is:

  • 9-10 points: Ahoy, Cruise Captain! You're riding smooth on those blue skies, ready to steer the ship.

  • 6-8 points: First Mate status, way to go! Sail the Lido deck with your favorite drink in hand.

  • 3-5 points: Steward vibes – there's promise ahead. Embrace those seminars at sea!

  • 1-2 points: Rookie sailor, fear not! Time to swab the deck or better yet, hop on a ship and learn the ropes.

We're thrilled to hear how you did – don't keep us in suspense. And if you've got more cruise trivia up your sleeve, share the wealth. Who knows, round two might be on the horizon!

If you found this voyage delightful, imagine the thrill of a real cruise! Anchors aweigh for your dream voyage – let us guide you there. Schedule a consultation and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Let the excitement begin!

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