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Specializing in Australia, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Monique Brandau is a certified travel advisor that spent Christmas on the beaches of Australia for many years as a child and has visited family outside of Sydney, Australia eleven times.  The coast of Australia and the smell of beaches and sea water are part of her childhood memories along with the beauty of the opera house and Sydney downtown architecture.  She grew up on authentic Italian food cooked by her Nona (grandmother), her mother and Zia (Aunt) and relishes in the rich cuisine from her family roots.  She has been to Europe twice to visit family and found the architecture and intricacies of European design a love that runs deep.  She has been lost in a giant Italian castle maze at the age of 12 while her mother had to climb to the top balcony and guide her out and has seen the gorgeous details inside most churches in Rome and throughout Northern Italy.  Switzerland, Germany and many other countries in Europe were part of her tour and she is planning to visit Spain, Greece and England again one day soon.


Monique and her family have been on a three day binge vacation of Disney and enjoyed the miles and miles of fun while visiting the sun drenched California beach to finish the trip.  The California coast and Mexican coasts are two of their favorite destinations as a family, visiting them as often as five times a year. In Mexico she often enjoys all-inclusie resorts where everything is taken care of with endless food and drinks and where relaxation by the pool and adventure are mixed in with a good spa day. Swimming with dolphins has been one of her most favorite excursions available while in Mexico during an all inclusive! Islands are another favorite and went to Fiji for her honeymoon. She has spent time glamping in Canada and has been to Hawaii for a wedding and beach time. The beaches of Caicos and other amazing tropical island all–inclusive resorts are next on the list of things to do!  


While the world is ever changing, Monique will always be a consistent, available resource to help you while you travel.  Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with your family she will be able to help you find an all-inclusive in Mexico or Island getaway, will help build your next European dream vacation or help you find an Australian adventure that can’t be beat.  She is ready to take care of all the details so you can sit back and enjoy! Problem solving is her strength and when it comes to any issues you may encounter, you will never have to figure it out alone!  She is committed to helping you and your loved ones create a personal experience that  fits your wants and needs down to every last detail that will give you unmatched memories for your next travel adventure!

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William and Paige- Honeymoon in Italy

Her contacts in Italy were superb and I cannot stress enough when Jennifer says she knows someone or has a contact that’s a reputable business associate you can trust her (we traveled to 4 different cities over 16 days, none of it was a logistics nightmare). She took the stress out for us and just let us show up and have fun. Her hotel selection was top tier and her giving us tickets both e-mail and paper copies, made any trip/excursion hassle free. Everything had an emergency contact as well, which again made things smooth. Please choose Jennifer for your next trip.
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