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What NOT to Wear on an Airplane!

A sylish girl with her luggage in the airport.

Are you ready to take off on an adventure through the clouds? Buckle up and get ready for some friendly fashion advice on what not to wear when you're soaring high in the sky. We're here to make sure your flight is comfortable, enjoyable, and, of course, stylish!

1. Pajama Party No-Go: Ladies and gents, let's leave the bedtime attire where it belongs – in your bedroom! While pajamas are cozy and perfect for catching Zzz's, wearing them on a plane might not be the best idea. Opt for some comfy yet presentable clothes that won't leave you feeling like you're still in dreamland.

2. Stiletto Struggles: To all the fashionistas out there, we feel you! But, heels that resemble skyscrapers might not be your best bet. Trudging through the airport and squeezing into tight spaces could lead to some not-so-glamorous stumbles. Instead, slip into some stylish sneakers or flats for a smooth ride.

3. Excessive Layers and Bulky Coats: While we understand that planes can get chilly, piling on more layers than a cake at a birthday party can be a hassle. Bulky coats and too many sweaters can leave you feeling like a marshmallow. Opt for a light jacket or a cozy scarf that you can easily take off if the cabin warms up.

4. Over-the-Top Accessories: Accessorizing is awesome, but when you're gearing up for a flight, less can be more. Avoid chunky jewelry or belts that set off metal detectors and create delays. A simple pair of earrings, a stylish watch, or a dainty necklace will add that touch of flair without causing any turbulence.

5. Strong Perfumes and Aftershaves: Here's a little secret – your fellow passengers might not appreciate being trapped in a small cabin with an overwhelming cloud of perfume or aftershave. Keep it light and fresh or consider saving the heavy scents for when you land.

6. Inconvenient Hats: We get it, hats are cool and they can add a dash of personality to your outfit. But when it's time to take your seat, those wide-brimmed hats can become a bit of a headache. Opt for a stylish cap or a foldable hat that won't leave you feeling squished against the window.

7. Super Tight Clothing: Airplane seats aren't exactly sprawling loungers, so it's best to avoid clothing that restricts your movement. Super tight jeans or body-hugging tops might make you feel like a superstar on the street, but comfort should be your co-pilot in the air.

8. Complicated Shoes: Ladies, those knee-high lace-up boots might be a fashion statement, but they can quickly turn into a hassle when you're trying to get through security. Slip-on shoes or ankle boots that you can easily take off will save you time and make the whole process smoother.

9. Loud Patterns and Colors: P all for expressing your individuality, but fluorescent colors or wild patterns might draw more attention than you bargained for. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes and won't make your fellow passengers reach for their sunglasses.

10. Uncomfortable Fabrics: Fabrics that itch, scratch, or cling aren't your best buddies on a long flight. Opt for breathable materials like cotton or lightweight blends that let your skin breathe while you're soaring through the air.

A mom in comfortable clothes holding a baby on an airplane.

And there you have it. Your guide to help you decide what not to wear when you're taking flight. Remember, comfort and style can be the best travel companions, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling fabulous.

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