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Specializing in Adventure, Europe, All-Inclusive Resorts, Cruises, and Theme Parks

It all began with a deep love for reading! Jennifer's childhood family vacations often meant visits to relatives or trips to the sunny Texas coast. But this didn't stop her from embarking on incredible adventures through the pages of her beloved books.

Once married, Jennifer and her husband decided to make travel a top priority, and they brought their children along for the ride (well, most of the time!). Their vacations were always centered around thrilling outdoor activities. Jennifer still revels in this exciting style of travel today! So, don't be surprised if you stumble upon her white-water rafting through the breathtaking Grand Canyon or mushing her way through the pristine glaciers of Alaska.

After dedicating an impressive 30 years to the world of education, Jennifer decided it was time to chase her childhood dreams of exploring the globe. She boldly stepped into role of travel agent and agency ownership, a decision she has not regretted for a second. Jennifer thrives on pampering her clients, treating them like cherished family members. Her heart is also deeply committed to nurturing her team, helping them grow and assist their own clients in crafting unforgettable memories.

If you’re overwhelmed by everything that goes into planning a trip, Jennifer would love to help. When you’re finished working with her, you’ll be confident that you have everything you need and will be excited about your upcoming adventure.

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William and Paige- Honeymoon in Italy

Her contacts in Italy were superb and I cannot stress enough when Jennifer says she knows someone or has a contact that’s a reputable business associate you can trust her (we traveled to 4 different cities over 16 days, none of it was a logistics nightmare). She took the stress out for us and just let us show up and have fun. Her hotel selection was top tier and her giving us tickets both e-mail and paper copies, made any trip/excursion hassle free. Everything had an emergency contact as well, which again made things smooth. Please choose Jennifer for your next trip.
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