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Specializing in Europe, Ocean and River Cruising, and Disney Parks

Jordan is a Certified Travel Advisor whose passion for travel began at an early age while learning about the history of other countries and cultures in school. His natural curiosity and big imagination led him to wonder what life was like in distant lands far away from his midwestern roots. Since then, Jordan has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. 


Jordan has had the amazing opportunity to travel with his family, including trips to historic towns that detail our nations’ beginnings, exploring the great mountain ranges of North America, relaxing beach getaways, and fun-packed days of a Disney adventure. All of those experiences just fueled his enthusiasm for traveling. Jordan has since taken his love of traveling global and has been to ten different countries to explore the culture, cuisine, and so many breathtaking sites across the globe. Italy, Germany, and Gibraltar have been a few of his favorite destinations. 


Important aspects of traveling for Jordan are searching for the best local food, learning about the history of the destination, and finding ways to unwind and relax. He and his wife, Jessica, love the energy and excitement of traveling but also love the opportunity to disconnect from the busyness of life back home. Jordan and his wife love cruising, especially in the Mediterranean! Cruising is a great option if you are looking for a vacation that is action packed but also allows you to relax in the evenings while the ship takes you to your next destination. The experiences and options are endless when it comes to cruising. Whether you are planning your very first cruise or you have sailed multiple times, Jordan can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family looking for a memorable experience, Jordan will take the stress out of the planning process. Jordan is just as dedicated and attentive to detail with planning your trip as he would be for planning his own. He is enthusiastic and meticulous when researching and making sure every detail is considered. Our world is constantly growing more technologically advanced including the travel industry, so he will ensure you are equipped to navigate that aspect of your trip as well. Your dream vacation is safe in his hands. He is committed to ensuring your vacation is created just for you, well thought out, and tailored to fit your needs. Jordan cannot wait to connect with you to hear how he can turn your travel dreams into reality!

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William and Paige- Honeymoon in Italy

Her contacts in Italy were superb and I cannot stress enough when Jennifer says she knows someone or has a contact that’s a reputable business associate you can trust her (we traveled to 4 different cities over 16 days, none of it was a logistics nightmare). She took the stress out for us and just let us show up and have fun. Her hotel selection was top tier and her giving us tickets both e-mail and paper copies, made any trip/excursion hassle free. Everything had an emergency contact as well, which again made things smooth. Please choose Jennifer for your next trip.
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